there’s this fake twitter making fun of these slutty girls but like first of all, its unnecessary to like have it. they know theyre slutty. they dont care. anyway, there’s a tweet thats like “that awkward moment when kelly darcy has a boyfriend and i still dont! whats wrong with the world?!”

like seriously?

my full name.

a day after he asked me to be his girlfriend.

how fucking rude do you have to be? seriously. just leave me the fuck alone. i’m happy.

he doesnt even go to our school

leave me alone! AND this kid in my 5th hour liked it…i’m gonna beat the shit out of him for real.

warped tour tomorrow.

so fucking excited.


i’m nervous too.

holy hell. gonna be epic.

i swear it hurts more to see these people hurt my friend. i wish it was happening to me instead of her.



wow i’m so happy everything worked out :)

trivia tonight :)

i think the best feeling ever is when people say “oh you’ve lost weight?”

like other people notice



i put “you should text me” and my number on a dollar bill then gave it to the cute cashier at CVS when i went.

i feel complete.

why do you still know me better than anyone else? even after all this time? you make my heart skip beats with excitement. you’ve never left my mind. this too shall pass i know but at the moment i need to not act on impulse.

is it too much to ask for a guy who will have fun wherever he goes and can act inlove with me in more than just texting and will surprise me with cute things and may or may not have tattoos and piercing and can attend concerts with me?

why are all the boys who like me basically more dramatic than 10 girls on their periods?

i’m literally so fat.

it grosses me out.

i want to like wish it all away

my workouts and eating healthy isnt doing shit.

fuck my life.

i am LITERALLY so mad right now.

i introduced them to my best friend

now they fucking love him and he loves them and they have all forgotten me


i hate my friends.

today im pretty sure a ghost touched me

like actually no joke i was at my friends house and her mom died in december and i was i her bathroom and i was like looking at the wallpaper she loved so much and like thought, mommy skoney, send me a sign.


holy fuck i freaked out.

yay for being off of school :) 4 day weekend bitchez. lawlz.

i’m going to hang out with my friend lauren

it’ll be a bomb ass time.


I jus am actually in love with you. It’s like a huge school girl crush. I haven’t felt like this in so long.