Everyone I know is graduating so now I’m on the hunt for new roommates again

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My only vice is our pictures on my laptop
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Now is a time to be strong
Two kinds of people

I’ve found in my life that there are two main types of people:
1. Those who believe everything that is meant to be should be easy and natural
2. Those who believe if you want something it won’t be easy, it’ll be a fight and a struggle to prove your need and to help weed out those who aren’t willing to go the distance, then you must not have wanted it enough to begin with

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Alright so my friends younger sister (like 15) came downstairs today and we are all sitting around after getting food for our dinners and whatever and she just opens my box of pizza
and I go oh that’s not your pizza
and she goes give it to me.
And I’m like uhm no I paid for it ha..ha.. And she just has this angry look on her face the whole time
Then is like uhm you woke me up from sleeping (it’s literally 6pm at this point) and I was like sorry but still no I paid for it and you never even asked. And she just looks at her brother and goes “I hate this girl” then storms off
10 minutes later she comes back down stairs and goes I’m having this pizza and I go no you still didn’t pay for it or ask and she just turns to her brother and is like OMG I’m starving make me food.

I’m actually so pissed and so many other emotions towards her.